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Our AI learns from our customers' CS agents. It learns, adapts, evolves, grows and this is due to the support, dedication and hard work put in from our Customer Success Managers. To be the best, learn from the best.

Ultimate's AI is called ultimate for a reason, it can handle complex issues, resolve difficult cases, adapt, and resolve concerns, topics, and arguments.

Our product is growing, the growth is rapid and to take this natural development, to nurture it correctly and to take this to the  next level, we need to make sure the AI does not surpass its' masters.

We at, as an employer, fully understand, better than most, the benefits of continuous learning and empowering our colleagues. You get out what you put in. One team. One vision. Man and machine.

That's why we focus on establishing an organisational learning culture.

We already have in place the ultimate personal development budget model. We give each employee a budget of 1000 EUR each year to expense courses, activities, sports, books, education, languages, and hobbies. 

And we are now in the process expanding our development culture internally!

We have introduced in house German classes, and manager trainings, workshops, cross training departmental skill sharing is all on the horizon.

We grow together.

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