How to nail your first week at

Congratulations! You’ve got the job and you can’t wait to get started! But now you’ve got butterflies in your stomach and are not too sure what to expect. Never fear - we’ve got your back with our guide on how to nail your first week at and hit the ground running.

Before you join

A week before your start date you’ll hear from the People team with a heads up on what to expect in your first week, what time to come in and what will happen on your first day. This is a great time to ask any last questions you might have.

T-minus 2 days

Keep an eye on your inbox as you’ll be given access to your new email and calendar two days before you start. Have a look around and check out your schedule so far. 

Buddy program

If you’re worried about not knowing anybody on your first day, don’t be! We have a buddy program which pairs you up with an veteran. They will partner with you for your first few months at the company to help you settle in. They’ll be in touch before you start and meet you on your first day. Feel free to ask them all the questions, from what to wear, to what do people do for lunch.

Your first day

First days can feel overwhelming with a lot of new information, that’s very normal! We do our best to make your onboarding as smooth as possible. On your first morning you’ll receive a copy of the employee handbook and will go through it in detail in your HR onboarding session. It includes a handy lookbook for everyone who works at which is a great way to put names to faces when you’re meeting a lot of people. You’ll also get your laptop, equipment and some lovely swag. Take some time to set everything up how you want it so that you’re comfortable and ready to go. 


Meeting the team 

In your first week you’ll have one on ones with everyone in your team and several people outside of your team. Don’t be shy, they’re excited to work with you and want you to succeed! Use these meetings to get to know them, the processes in your team and how everyone likes to work together. Get involved in any activities going on, whether it’s Monday team breakfast or an after-work basket weaving lesson. 

Take notes..lots of notes’s onboarding will be a little different for every employee, depending on what role you are going into. Every new joiner also attends starter sessions for an overview of every department in the company, it’s processes and how they relate to your role. Either way there will be a lot of information you’ll definitely want to pay attention to. Take lots of notes to help you remember it later. 

Share your thoughts 

We value your perspective so if you have an idea or something to add to a discussion, please speak up! Don’t worry about saying the wrong thing, no one expects you to know all the answers and we’d love to hear your thoughts.

Don’t be afraid to fail

Don’t let fear of messing up stop you from taking on a new task or project because you think it’s too much too soon. Everyone makes mistakes sometimes and being ambitious means stepping outside our comfort zones. Always feel free to ask questions or for advice from those around you. Believe in yourself and remember that you got hired for a reason!


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